storyandsoul asked: Hey, just found your blog and damn you've posted some good times. Definitely do a 50, it's an incredible experience. And good luck in your Olympic endeavors - I'll be following!

hahah thank you!! also to answer your followup, i climb indoors a lot since i can’t get away from law school…i have run up some mountains in oregon though and i want to go to red river gorge in kentucky this summer for a little trip! WE CAN TALK MORE DEFINITELY HI

friday i was running my six miles before the marathon. i felt like i was going to choke i was so nervous. i doubted my ability to complete the marathon in a time that would satisfy me. i doubted that my leg could take the strain. i doubted my ability to recover the next day. i bent over and cried.
i just love running so much. i dream about running farther and faster and harder—always. i wanted to meet this challenge and succeed so bad. not only that, i wanted to surpass this challenge, take it down and find a new one.
i couldn’t do that if my leg gave out again. i couldn’t imagine that failure.
so saturday i planned a super conservative race. my nerves were out of control as i waited at the line, but i felt the energy of the people around me—friends and strangers—feeling this same thing, this weird, twisted emotional ache to test themselves and find out what lay on the other side of those 26 miles. god, i wanted that too. i was so fucking ready to find out, after all these months of doubt and depression and pain and insecurity.
the race was a countdown start from 10.
by 5, i knew i was going to just feel it and run with my heart. i was going to be brave, but not stupid.
so i took off from the 7:20 pace group. at mile 1, i did a double take—6:30 pace. i backed off to 6:40, then 6:45, then settled into 7 minutes for the race. i let it all go. if i was going to succeed, i had to trust my legs and pay attention to any pain i felt. i felt that this was the day i was going to feel all the reasons why i endured my injury, hoping to come back and seek out this ache again.
by mile 18, i knew i would finish fine. i was cruising, eager for a harder pace. but i just reminded myself to be grateful, not greedy.
if not for the bathroom stops i took, i probably would’ve run under 3. but i ran a 3:01. i was 4th woman, 19th overall.
it was a pretty satisfying challenge.
and today i still felt pretty good and did 8 miles at good old eagle creek.

Anonymous asked: Hey! This is the former judtaylo. Deleted my account a few weeks back, but anyway wanted to say great job today and I saw you and Scott afterwards near the finish line. Would have said hey, but my wife was in no mood to linger long after wrangling three kids for a few hours. Again, great job and maybe I'll see you around some other time. Take care!

YAY IT WOULD’VE BEEN AWESOME IF WE GOT TO CHAT! i hope you race went well!! be sure to grab me if we run another race together!!


His owner told me that according to a Native American myth, dogs with different colored eyes can see both heaven and earth.


His owner told me that according to a Native American myth, dogs with different colored eyes can see both heaven and earth.

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shit, can this be me?

shit, can this be me?

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To run cross country you must be stubborn. You cannot bring yourself down. You can’t let the miles phase you. You have to wake up and tell yourself to work harder than you did the day before. You have to make the conscious decision that you value accomplishment over comfort. Anyone can be a runner, but it takes a strong willed person who is willing to run the race on pure guts and 100% heart to be a cross country runner.

Track: Ribs
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Album: Pure Heroine


This dream isn’t feeling sweet; we’re reeling through the midnight streets. And I’ve never felt more alone, it feels so scary getting old.

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carmel marathon fastest women’s times can be as fast as 2:42 or as slow as 3:30.
so my goal is 3:05, 7:03/mi pace; 3:12, 7:20/mi pace; or 3:20, 7:38/mi pace.
that should at least put me in the top five?
this is all contingent on my not blowing the hell up and dying.
which is also foreseeable.

Anonymous asked: Do u race w/a watch? If so, what kind?

i have a nike sportwatch. it’s ok. it’s cheap enough that i put up with its inconsistencies, but it can be like, a half mile off. 

Anonymous asked: What races or events are you wanting to do in the next year/couple of years? Training for anything in particular at the moment?

er well i guess my dream now is to meet the B standard olympic time in the marathon. I’m 1:42 off (ran a 2:44).

saturday i’m trying the most difficult run since my injury in november: a controlled marathon race. i have no idea what to expect. 

i guess i’m also shooting to PR in the half (current PR 1:19). 

and i want to get a real 50k time on the books (unofficially 4:00).

and i want to try a 50 miler. 

all the running things. 


Runner’s World


Runner’s World

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racing like a pro.

racing like a pro. I have nothing to offer anyone except my own confusion.

23. Bloomington, IN.

running, writing and animals.



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