17 women, several tents, waterfalls, bacon, a campfire, rain, snow, mud, muck, a small run in with the forest law.

It was a hell of a trip, and I met some truly fascinating and inspiring women. Some like the generous and awesome Lauren from handcraftedinvirginia &  the driven and beautiful Joy from morningslikethese who I’ve known for years, then others like  the open hearted and enthusiastic Emma of  emcalaryphotography, the hilarious and talented Kelly of kellyelainesmith, the kind and spectacular Rebecca of A Daily Something,  the stunner & all star Chaucee of Streets & Stripes and so many more. Each and every one of them a fantastic woman. 

Huge thanks to unitedbyblue for bringing us together into the Pennsylvania mountains and having us all #camplikealady. 

(Huge thanks Em, Kelly & Rebecca for snapping the photos of me cooking!)

runbabe asked: Unstable cuboid bone in my foot (hopefully... if it's not getting better in the next while I'll have to get it x-rayed to rule out a stress fracture) = moon boot (hopefully not for too long), taped up (plus a piece of foam taped under my foot too haha oh god) + the real banger of no running for three weeks. What a fucking way to start of my training cycle for TUM... this week was going to be my first 100km week and now we're looking at zero. How grand. How are you going (other) B? -B

AHHHHH B. i’m sorry i have been so silent recently. I had moot court/pro bono/class/journal and it was wearing me out. i have all your messages saved and i keep meaning to answer but finding the time is terrible. 

i am so sorry about your cuboid! i know a dude on the university team who had the same problem. we always ended up at the pool together, he aqua-jogging and me swimming. maybe you could try that?? that way, your fitness won’t be compromised as your foot heals. also, three weeks will fly by. trust me. three months with a stress fracture will teach you that, heh. fingers crossed on a speedy recovery. 

let’s see. i am running 2-3 miles a day now? i have PT on mondays and wednesdays, and they say i’m progressing well, but i keep forgetting my exercises…ARG. 

i am actually getting really depressed because i can’t help feeling really, really really fucking fat. i haven’t been this heavy in so long and i am just not comfortable with it, even if it’s new muscle or whatever scott keeps telling me. i just want to run it all off. i want to be skinny. but all i do is binge and purge. 

i will be seeing a therapist soon though. fun. 


Very cool, detailed map of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park from the early 1960s


Very cool, detailed map of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park from the early 1960s

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Autumn/fall/halloween blog xx follows back similar xx


Autumn/fall/halloween blog
xx follows back similar xx

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i just blue myself.

i just blue myself.

So things go.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dearly Beloved (via thesoutherly)

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A text message Wednesday night from Ben saying: I’m thinking about riding my bike up to Henry Coe tomorrow night and sleep under the stars…You guys up for it? The answer is always gonna be yes because what’s better than bikes, friends, burritos, brown drinks and an off the charts sunset?

100% the dream

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Shirin Neshat


Shirin Neshat

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racing like a pro.

racing like a pro. I have nothing to offer anyone except my own confusion.

23. Bloomington, IN.

running, writing and animals.



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